Why Wedding Photography Prices Are Absolutely Wack

While many people prefer going the photo booth route to save some money, there is a good portion of brides who flat out prefer a professional snapping the pictures. Some people may think that the prices are exuberant and high up in cost. However, there are many reasons why wedding photographer prices are wack. What are these reasons? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Because to be honest, it’s important to be well informed whenever going out to shop for anything and this includes looking for a high-quality wedding photographer for your wedding or the wedding of someone close and dear to you. Knowledge is power and does indeed make a difference.

wedding photography group pictureThere are lots of reasons why prices are a bit ridiculous. Nonetheless, despite this fact, one has to take into consideration just what they do. It’s not just about snapping a photo, and that is it. There is far more to the process than just focusing a camera and snapping it. Wedding photographers put a good deal of work, time, effort, and devotion to their work. Why is that? It’s because they have a genuine love for their work and a major part of this love is making sure that their clients are happy in every way with the work that they produce. They ensure that every photo they take is of extremely high quality. Lower priced firms won’t give you what the more top rated ones will give you.

The more expensive and premium grade photographers do everything premium grade in essence and the more costly price tag for their services is worth what you do pay for them.

What does cause the price tag to go up?

Many factors come into play here that do influence higher price. One of them is the city they work out of. For example, firms in New York like George Street Photo & Video – Wedding Photographers NYC  will be more expensive, but offer better quality then those located in small market states like Cleveland.

Another thing to take into consideration is the equipment used. The more expensive ones tend to use the best cameras possible for taking photos, because they believe in delivering only the finest of photos to their customers. The very best cameras can have an expensive price tag all their own. Also, they have to make sure to keep these excellent cameras serviced, and always to keep them in the best shape they can. These are just more add-ons when it comes to the overall price for the cost of photos for clients.

The money that customers do end up paying for their wedding photos is something that is strongly associated with the various costs to own a studio. It does cost to have a business and to provide top of the line professional services of any kind to customers. These are all things, which do come together, and are a necessity of owning a photography service or any business for that matter. A wedding photographer, who is excellent at what they do, are all those who are superior indeed from the lower priced in the industry.

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist


Things can get chaotic when you’re in the midst of party planning. There are so many choices to be made that you may quickly lose track of what you have done and what still needs to be done. The good news, party planning can be stress-free. Our expert planners have compiled a list for you that you should print out immediately. Our list will help you stay organized and help host a party that isn’t missing a single thing.

The List:

  • Create your Invitation List First
    • Creating your list first allows you to understand what kinds of guests you will be having. It will let you plan out your party accordingly.
  • Selecting Your Party Theme
    • Now that you have your guest list, you can theme it around the guests that will be attending.
  • Select Food
    • Much like selecting your theme, now that you have the guest list, you can go ahead and plan what food you will be having. Whether you are catering or making the food yourself, you should be in a position to make smart choices. For example, if you have a good chunk of your list that are vegetarians, make sure to have some dishes for that part of your list
  • Mission Impossible
    • The reason I call this step as “mission impossible” is because sometimes planners take on too much for just one person. There is no shame in needing help. If you need it, find out early and make sure you have helpers available.
  • Music
    • You may or may not want to have music. If you do, make sure it can cater for everyone. Even some light jazz or something in the background can help. Don’t get anything that people will find annoying or that’s too loud that you cannot hear while conversing with your guests.
  • Dedicated Space
    • If you are planning to have the party at your home, make sure you assign only a few areas for your guests to be. If you open up your house entirely, then you may have far too many people in too many rooms. This will create a massive headache for you trying to pin down people and cleaning up will be a disaster as well. Thus, keep it simple, select a cozy area inside your home that can fit all of your guests comfortably.
  • Set Rules
    • So many hosts are afraid to set some rules for their guests, and if you’re reading this, do not be shy to put your foot down. At the end of the day, this is your party, and people are in your house. There need to be certain rules that your guests need to follow so that you can have an enjoyable time before, during, and after your party.

This is the perfect checklist for you if you are planning a party. It allows you to nail the basics while making sure that you can run a regular event. If you have anything that was not listed, please do email me. I love hearing reader’s feedback and reading through your suggestions.

You can find another great list here.

Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Next Event

photo-boothsMany individuals love to have fun using a photo booth, and that is why photo booths are becoming increasingly popular in events In fact, many event planners will recommend to rent one to bring a different element to your event.. These photo booths may be bringing more than just games and fun. There are many reasons why they are popular with many different types of events, and they will continue to a part of more parties in the future.

Services such as Posey Pose – Photo Booth Rental in Boston claim that one of the main reasons why they are so popular is because they are a way for the many different guests, which you have at the party or event, mingling and interacting with each other. Bringing in a photo booth to your meeting is a wonderful way for the attendees, who may not know much about one another, to communicate with each other and create conversations. If the attendees get pulled into a photo booth together and they don’t know much about each other, it is a sure way to get the ball rolling for them to begin an engaging conversation, therefore, causing them to become better acquainted.

When you have a large group of guests, at your party or your gathering, and they are using this photo booth and having a lot of fun, then they will have many photos to look at after it is over. With the booming industry of social media, these pictures will then be posted online for many others to enjoy. This is how photo booths are growing in popularity at many different events. It is perfect for these individuals to experience a life long memory for the pictures that were created at the event. They can frequently look at their photos and enjoy the fun-filled memories that they were able to share with the many other guests that they were able to meet. A photo booth can keep the guests busy and continually entertained, and the experience will keep them talking about it long after it is all over with.

Another beautiful thing about having a photo booth at your event is because it can be used for any event. Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, proms, dances, fundraisers, and many more will be able to enjoy their time during these gatherings. It is the perfect way to have fun with each and every individual who is attending the event. Many people do not enjoy the pleasure of dancing or games at events, however, pull them into a photo booth, and they will more than likely let loose and have some fun. Not every person enjoys dancing, and it isn’t much fun to sit around a table to just talk and chat the entire evening. It is always fun to give them something to be able to enjoy.

In conclusion, when it comes to planning an event, party, wedding, or whatever the gathering may be, it would be so much more fun to add a photo booth to the event. It is an excellent and unique way to give people a party favor, as well as giving them memories that will last a lifetime. It is always the number one goal of any party to be able to show your guests a fun and exciting time, and the best way to do that is to add a photo booth into the mix.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire An Event Planner

event-plannerIf you have never considered hiring an event planner, it might be time to put some thought into it. An event planner can be the missing piece for making your next get together something truly special.

1. To eliminate stress from the event.

Many events such as weddings and parties can be quite stressful. They should be a time to celebrate and not one to worry about every little mishap that could happen. A well-established planner that has been in business for a long time will know everything that could go wrong at an event and also have a backup plan for those instances. Knowing that someone is there to take care of both significant and minor things can take the burden off of your shoulders.

2. They know the area surrounding the event.

Many places where events are held can sometimes be booked solid for months. The event planner you hire can take the guesswork out of scouting locations and call vendors for information about their services and availability. They can inform you about amenities and extras that places offer as well as any restrictions. The event planner may also have a body of reference for their previous work experiences with individual businesses. Their familiarity with several local options can protect you from choosing one that will not suit your needs.

3. Planners have a database of connections.

After you figure out the location of your party, there are many other areas in which an event planner can help. They are very familiar with the services of local photographers, disc jockeys, florists and catering companies. They will be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding price range, quality of work and overall customer satisfaction. Some planners may even work exclusively with certain individuals and vendors, and the services may be included in the event planning price. The planner can show you portfolios of their work if that is the case. Feeling that you are in reliable hands from every vendor that is supplying a particular element to your special occasion is part of the event planning process.

4. Events can be more extravagant and detailed.

Putting the theme and ideas into a party planner’s hands can create impressive results. They may have access to certain party supplies already such as backdrops, party decorations and props. Past parties thrown by them can provide party planners with a background of ideas to incorporate into current functions. Not having to buy these items and then dispose of them saves time and money as well. Talented planners can make the party of their client’s dream a reality.

5. The hostess or host can pay full attention to their guests.

The guest of honor at the party will not have to worry about setting up the event or cleaning after. They can be fully focused on enjoying the party and talking to their guests. With all of the elements already in place, they can only celebrate the event without worry and know that their party is taken care of by a professional.

The Art Behind Great Photography

Photography is not just press the shutter button. Photography is art. In addition to portrait photography, nude photography is one of the fine art of photography. Since the painting of Act of in earlier time enjoys the appearance of the unclothed body of an unbroken popularity. For many years, also a photographer in Mannheim focuses on this aspect of photography.

In nude photography, there are three basic forms, the classic full nude, the half nude and the appearance of detail views. The model is fully unclothed in the classic full nude. The photographer chooses a simple background. And so the artwork is created by skillful light settings. At the half nude, the model for the part is clothed or covered partially with accessories. Also here, the light setting plays a major role in the emergence of the work of art. The appearance of detail views means certain anonymity for the model because only individual parts of the body are photographed and put in scene. In addition to these three basic shapes, you will find various sub genres in nude photography. Body painting in the broadest sense one of the nude photography. Nude photography has a long history. Were traded before 1860 the nude photos still mostly under the counter and the photographers were mostly anonymous, so that has changed until today. Nude photography has found its place in art. Earlier, photographers who created nudes were filled with sensitive money – or prison sentences. So the photographers remained rather anonymous. A photographer must bring also the ability to communicate in addition to the technical skills and a feeling for the right light. Ought to be a trustful relationship between the photographer and the nude model? By a model contract, both sides have some legal protection. In this agreement, the question of the fee is clarified but also the publishing rights. Nude photos belong to the high school of photography!